Mentor/Protegé Program

About the Program

The Chicago chapter Mentor/Protégé program is an expression of the commitment to our member’s personal growth and professional development.  It is our intention to connect experienced professionals with aspiring talent of any age or at any stage of their career development in a supportive, one-on-one environment.  The program’s goal is to provide both the Mentor and the Protégé with a rewarding professional relationship that is mutually advantageous.


Potential Protégés must consider their readiness and availability to be a Protégé. If you believe a mentoring relationship would be helpful to your professional development, this is an opportunity to actively pursue and obtain guidance and advice from an experience professional.


A Mentor is defined as any professional who can share personal insights and provide guidance as well as support to help establish and reach the Protégé’s professional goals. With this definition in mind, the Mentor can often serve as teacher, sponsor, coach, supporter, counselor, and role model.

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