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2017 SMPS Holiday Party Photos

Check out the photos from the December 2017 SMPS Holiday Party: Sky Full of Stars.

Alder Planetarium | December 13, 2017

Thank you Bob Elmore for the photos.

Click here to see the album.

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Happy Holidays

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January 2018 Luncheon

January 10 is our first lunch program in 2018.

The Inside Scoop: What Are Clients Really Looking for in Our Proposal Responses?

In this industry, we spend a lot of time assembling and submitting responses to RFPs, with a goal of not only convincing the client that our firm is qualified, but to convey that we bring something to the table they won't get from anyone else. Today’s competition is intense, and clients are combing through dozens of proposals and selecting teams that speak to them. What resonates with the client? What’s the single largest thing we can do to ensure our proposal has a shot? Are we spending too much time on one thing and not enough on another? What can we be doing better? At some point, these are probably questions we have asked ourselves.

Our panelists represent a cross section of our clientele, from Transportation to Healthcare and Non-Profit to Higher Education. Join us as they share perspectives from their side of the table and respond to questions that will help you identify the most effective keys to winning projects.

When: January 10, 2018

Where: Wildfire

Register now. Additional details coming soon.


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