SMPS Chicago FAQ

Q: How do I contact the SMPS Board:

A: Please use the emails below:

PRESIDENT presi[email protected]

PAST PRESIDENT [email protected]

PRESIDENT ELECT [email protected]

SECRETARY [email protected]

TREASURER [email protected]

PROGRAMS [email protected]

SPECIAL EVENTS [email protected]


SPONSORSHIP [email protected]

COMMUNICATIONS [email protected]

MEMBERSHIP [email protected]


Q: I just joined, why can’t I log in as a member yet?

A: It takes a little time for SMPS National and our local database to sync up – please allow up to one month for your login credentials to become active. In the meantime, just send an email to [email protected] regarding the event you are trying to register for and we will sort it out.


Q: How can I pay for events on

A: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover


Q: Are you hosting virtual or in person events?

A: We continue to host virtual events through Zoom or Microsoft Teams for the time being. We look forward to days when we can see your faces in person. Registrants will receive access link the day before or the morning of the event. Please check your email and should you not see your invitation, check your spam folder.


Q: If I am registered for a virtual event, am I able to share the link with a colleague

A: No. Registrants are admitted to the event one at a time after registration verification. Registrants will receive an access link the day before or the morning of the event. Please check your email and should you not see your invitation, check your spam folder.


Q: If I cannot attend a virtual event last minute, will a recording be available?

A: When the presenters have agreed to its release, the monthly programs held on Zoom will have a recording available. The link will be sent after the program. Other events capability for recordings are on an event-by-event basis.



Q: I am not receiving SMPS Chicago emails about events and news, why?

A: If you are a member or attended a past event, you may have opted out of receiving our emails. Please email [email protected] to inquire. Our system is a simple in or opt-out system. Another reason may be that you've not verified your email. The SMPS Chicago website has a two-step verification process. If you receive a verification email, please complete the process so we can keep you informed of events and news.


Q: I am a member, how do I change my email address?

A: Please login to the SMPS National site, www.smps.orgto update your profile. Within one month, the information should be updated in the local database – if it isn’t, please let us know and we will get it sorted out.



Q: How do I reset my SMPS Chicago password?

A: On the login page, click “Forgot Username/Password”. An email is sent to SMPS Chicago. We will then send you an email regarding your login information.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Refunds must be requested 5 days prior to an event, in writing or by email. Thereafter, all sales are final.


Q: How do I find out more about CPSM Certification?

A: Visit HQs CPSM certification page to get started. Specific questions can be directed to [email protected].



Q: Does SMPS Chicago have a Mentor Program?

A: We do.  Contact [email protected].



Q: I cannot attend an upcoming event. Can I send someone in my place?

A: Yes, if the change is not on short notice. Please let us know at least two days before the event and send us the name and email of the person who is taking your place. S/He will then receive a new confirmation – and your previously existing confirmation will become invalid. If you are a member and s/he is not, the difference in fee will need to be paid. Please note that our website has as two-step verification process and virtual event access links cannot be shared. Just things to keep in mind if you are making a change to an event registration.


Q: What if I owe SMPS Chicago for a past event?

A: No problem, simply contact SMPS Chicago Treasurer Lorna Luebbers via email at [email protected], to make your payment.



Q: Where should payments be mailed?

A: Credit Card payments are preferred. When physical checks are accepted, the mailing address is: SMPS Chicago, 211 South Clark Street, P.O. Box 2765, Chicago, IL 60690.


Q: Do I email job bank openings to SMPS Chicago?

A: The website allows you to enter the job description and application details and allows your firm to pay for the posting. After you complete this process, SMPS Chicago reviews the posting and approves it to be published. Please allow about two business days for publishing under normal conditions.


Q: What if I need to make a revision to a job bank posting?

A: Just contact SMPS Chicago at [email protected] and we will make the revision within two business days.


Q: What if my membership lapses, can I still login into the site?

A: Of course, although some information may not be visible to you until you renew – which you will hopefully do as soon as possible. For information on renewals and reinstatement, please visit


Q: Can I register more than myself for event?
A: Definitely. After you register yourself for the event, it will prompt you to any additional registrants. Email [email protected]with any questions.


Q: Why do I receive two emails regarding event invitations or SMPS Chicago News?

A: You may be in the system with two different emails. Perhaps a work email was used to register for one event and a home email was used a different time. Please send an email to our Membership Director Shreena Saheba, at [email protected] to sort it out.


Q: An event is sold out, how do I get on the waiting list?

A: Click Add to Waiting List and complete information requested. When additional registrations are available, SMPS Chicago will email the person/people on the list in the order listed to let them know they may login to complete registration. Note, you will not be registered automatically. These additional registrations are released on a first come, first served manner, so be sure to register quickly if you get email or phone call notifying you of an opening.


Q: I am a member of another SMPS Chapter, can I register for an SMPS Chicago event at the member price?

A: You can attend most programs at the SMPS Chicago member rate! In the registration ticket options, please select Out of State Member ticket option and enter your member number when prompted.


Q: Who develops the SMPS Chicago event graphics?

A: Our graphics have been created by SMPS Chicago. Some images are sources from SMPS HQ.


Q: I’m a new member and/or want be more involved. How do I get on a committee?

A: Thanks for your interest! Shreena Saheba ([email protected]) of the SMPS Chicago Membership Director works with all committee chairs to understand their volunteer needs and will be able to communicate this to you. If your first-choice committee is full, we hope you will choose another one. You can also get involved without joining a committee and instead by pitching in on event-by-event basis.


Q: How does my firm become an Annual Sponsor?

A: Email [email protected] to notify us of your interest so we may follow up with you. Or, you can sign up when the Sponsorship Program details are made available – this occurs in the fall of each Program Year.


Q: How does my firm sponsor an event or program?

A: Email [email protected] to notify us or your interest and we will coordinate the details.



Q: I want to share an event page or a blog post on social media, how can I do that?

A: All our blog posts and event pages have the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook app sharing buttons at the top of the page. Just click to share and thank you!