Windmill Award (2009-2012)


SMPS Chicago‘s Windmill Award acknowledged a member firm whose perseverance in marketing and/or business development, particularly in economically challenging times, achieved great results and fortified their respective organization.

Some examples included but are were limited to:

  • Investing time and resources to redevelop and promote your website
  • Initiating a direct mail campaign
  • Best practices for improving productivity with existing staff
  • An individual taking on more responsibility and achieving unexpected results
  • Allocating financial resources to have members of your firm earn professional accreditations or certifications (e.g. LEED, CPSM)
  • Investing financial resources to augment marketing/business development staff


About our Past Award Recipients

Benesch rebranded in 2010, at a time when the industry was still struggling to rebound from the recent economic downturn. When other firms were cutting back on marketing, Benesch made a significant investment – rolling out a new logo, website, a new series of marketing collateral and much more. We were honored that SMPS Chicago recognized the success of this effort with the Windmill Award. It was a testament not only to the quality of the material our team produced, but also to the importance of investing in marketing.