Membership Benefits

The SMPS Advantage

  • Networking opportunities, which provide occupational support and are critical for growing business in the built environment.
  • Leadership opportunities and skill development through participation on committees and chapter boards of directors.
  • Professional development through national and regional conferences and programs that address the business challenges faced by marketers, business developers, and practitioners in the A/E/C industry.
  • Access to the journal Marketer and other targeted research and publications that provide information on economic trends and topics that impact the A/E/C industry.
  • The opportunity to earn professional credentials via the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program.

In addition, SMPS supports company growth by providing members with:

  • National and regional contacts that facilitate teaming opportunities, business referrals, and knowledge of A/E/C business practices, trends, and successes.
  • Professional development opportunities for business development, marketing, and technical staff members including training and leadership programs and venues for speaking and writing on A/E/C topics.
  • Opportunities to develop contacts and relationships in the greater A/E/C industry that create a greater sense of community and engage emerging leaders.
  • Programs and conferences to create connections among participants that lead directly to business opportunities with clients and teaming partners.

Straight from Our Members 

Matt Rebro, CPSM
Early in my career, I consistently found myself wondering if others were dealing with similar challenges related to my core job responsibilities. I was struggling to find classes or educational opportunities in the A/E/C community to help me improve my performance. Luckily I found SMPS. I’ve been fortunate to be involved with SMPS on a chapter, regional and national level. To this day, I can confidently state that my time as SMPS Chicago Chapter President was career changing – for the better. Was it easy? Absolutely not. Have my employers reaped benefits from their investment into SMPS? Without a doubt. That being said, the level of benefits received were a result of getting involved. You can get out of SMPS as much if not more than you’ll ever anticipate if you “raise your hand”. Matt Rebro, CPSM – SMPS Chicago Chapter President 2011 - 2012

Roshanna Tokh
I have been a member of SMPS since 2002 and have made lifelong friends. Being a part of SMPS has given me more exposure into this industry and opened me up to many connections to network with. At one point in my career, I was in a position that was not well suited for me due to an overbearing boss. I left the position without any other job prospect. Due to my SMPS network, they quickly got on the ball and started contacting me with positions they heard were available that were not posted on the job bank yet. One of those leads help me get a healthy position to further my career.

Nate Welsh, CPSM
SMPS is an incredible organization that has so much to offer. From educational seminars to networking with your fellow peers-there is something for everyone. I'm very proud to be a Member of SMPS.